Don’t Miss this 2014 Pocket Diary!

Don’t miss this new 2014 pocket diary.

This 2014 monthly planner features each month of the year on a beautifully illustrated, double page spread.

This monthly planner comes with the key holidays and notable dates already marked in the diary.

The planning grids also provide enough space to allow you to enter your and  keep track of key appointment, birthdays, special events, etc., during 2014.

This adorable slim-line calendar provides a convenient and easy way to keep up with those important occasions, throughout the year.

Grab your planner now! It’s available here.

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What is the Order of Operations in Math?

You’ve probably heard that with math equations and expressions, if you do not use the order of operations you might get the incorrect answer.

Do you scratch your head and wonder what are the “Order of Operations” ?

An “operation” in math is a mathematical process.

  • The most common operations are: multiply, divide, add, and subtract.
  • But, there are others such as: exponents (i.e. powers, 
square roots), etc.

Why is the Order of Operations in math important?

To do many things in life …  you have to do things in a certain order to get them done correctly.

For example:

Order of Operations - Slides - FINAL JPEG.005

Likewise in mathematics, you have to do the math operations in the correct order to get the right answer.

For example:

Order of Operations - Slides - FINAL JPEG.007

So, what is the correct way of doing the math operations?

The correct way is:

Order of Operations - Slides - FINAL JPEG.011

YIKES!!!! Is there...

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10 Excellent Resources about Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King - slides -JPEG.001

The third Monday of every January is the observed Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday in the United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrates Dr King’s life and ideals.

There are many excellent resources available, in interesting formats, that cover Martin Luther King, Jr. life.

The King Center was established by Mrs. Coretta Scott King in in 1968 and provides information about Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr King’s family, the King’s philosophy, archived documents, learning material, and more.

Martin Luther King - slides -JPEG.034

This free PowerPoint slide set explains the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Age Level: 5 – 8 | Grade Level: K – 3

“The most effective method used to influence children to read is to incorporate the information that interests them the most...
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How to Find an Atom’s Mass and Size.

In the previous post, we were discussing “What gives at atom its mass and size”. Today, we’ll look at how to find an individual atom’s mass and size.

How to find the atom’s mass.

This one is easy!

Grab a periodic table and take a look at it. Next to each the elements’ symbol you will find the atomic mass.

For example, let’s look at the element nitrogen.

Kidzucation blog post 2 1 PNG .005

- On the periodic table nitrogen’s atomic mass is shown below the symbol as 14.007.

- If your periodic table doesn’t show the atomic mass on it, it would be fairly easy to estimate what the atomic mass would be.

- Remember the protons + neutrons in the nucleus make up the mass of an atom.

- To estimate the atomic mass of an element – add the number of protons and neutrons together.

- On the periodic table, the atomic number above the s...

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What Gives an Atom its Mass and Size?

Following up on the previous post on “What is an atom and why are atoms important?”, we are now going to find out what gives an atom its mass and size.

The mass of an atom.

Kidzucation blog post 2 PNG.001

The mass of an atom. (Credit: JJ. Smith)

It is the nucleus (i.e. the protons + neutrons) that make up the mass of an atom.

- Most (> 99%) of the mass of an atom is in the dense nucleus 
(i.e. protons + neutrons).
- A proton has a mass of about 1800 times greater than the mass of an electron.
- If you thought an atom was tiny, an electron is much, much smaller than an atom … it is minuscule.
- An electron is so so tiny, it hardly has any mass.
- Electrons make up less than 0.06% of the total mass of an atom.

The size of an atom.

Kidzucation blog post 2 PNG.002

The size of an atom. (Credit JJ. Smith)

When it comes to the size of an atom, it is the...

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What is an atom and why are atoms important?

What is an atom? (Credit: J. Smith)

What is an atom? (Credit: J. Smith)

So what’s so great about atoms? What are they? Why should we get excited about them? Are they really that important?

Why do atoms matter?

You probably know that everything that exists in this world is made up of matter. The food you eat, the air we breathe, even your body is made up of matter. All the “stuff” around us is made up of matter.

Matter is anything that takes up space and has a mass.

But what makes up matter?


- Which means everything around us is made up of atoms.
- From the trees to the bees: Humans, water, air, trees, food – you name it – it’s all made up of atoms.
- All matter on earth is made up of atoms!
- As far as we know, atoms are made up of the smallest, tiniest things on earth.

So, knowing about atoms is important, it...

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