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Don’t Miss this 2014 Pocket Diary!

Don’t miss this new 2014 pocket diary.

This 2014 monthly planner features each month of the year on a beautifully illustrated, double page spread.

This monthly planner comes with the key holidays and notable dates already marked in the diary.

The planning grids also provide enough space to allow you to enter your and  keep track of key appointment, birthdays, special events, etc., during 2014.

This adorable slim-line calendar provides a convenient and easy way to keep up with those important occasions, throughout the year.

Grab your planner now! It’s available here.

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10 Excellent Resources about Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King - slides -JPEG.001

The third Monday of every January is the observed Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday in the United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrates Dr King’s life and ideals.

There are many excellent resources available, in interesting formats, that cover Martin Luther King, Jr. life.

The King Center was established by Mrs. Coretta Scott King in in 1968 and provides information about Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr King’s family, the King’s philosophy, archived documents, learning material, and more.

Martin Luther King - slides -JPEG.034

This free PowerPoint slide set explains the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Age Level: 5 – 8 | Grade Level: K – 3

“The most effective method used to influence children to read is to incorporate the information that interests them the most...
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