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How to Find an Atom’s Mass and Size.

In the previous post, we were discussing “What gives at atom its mass and size”. Today, we’ll look at how to find an individual atom’s mass and size.

How to find the atom’s mass.

This one is easy!

Grab a periodic table and take a look at it. Next to each the elements’ symbol you will find the atomic mass.

For example, let’s look at the element nitrogen.

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- On the periodic table nitrogen’s atomic mass is shown below the symbol as 14.007.

- If your periodic table doesn’t show the atomic mass on it, it would be fairly easy to estimate what the atomic mass would be.

- Remember the protons + neutrons in the nucleus make up the mass of an atom.

- To estimate the atomic mass of an element – add the number of protons and neutrons together.

- On the periodic table, the atomic number above the s...

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